Police binge-arrest 24 minors at underage party

BONNEY LAKE, Wash. -- Two-dozen youths were arrested earlier this month for allegedly drinking underage at what law-enforcement officials are calling an "illegal binge party," or as it's commonly known on the streets, a "party."

Neighbors alerted the Tacoma-Pierce County DUI and Traffic Safety Task Force to the party in Bonney Lake shortly before midnight April 6 after spotting large groups of youths going in and out of an apartment on Locust Avenue.

According to the Task Force, police moved in after two plain-clothes officers found a pair of kids in a car who said they had been drinking at the birthday party being thrown by a couple of underage renters.

Included in the 24 people ages 18 to 21 arrested on suspicion of being minors in possession, were a drunk man who insisted he would drive home once released and a woman who was found semi-conscious on the bathroom floor suffering from alcohol poisoning, according to the Task Force.

Sumner Police Sgt. Matt Kurle expanded on what would have been a totally righteous party had everyone been of legal drinking age.

"With a beer pong table set up on the kitchen table and party favors consisting of Everclear, orange juice and marijuana, it appears we shut this party down before anyone really got hurt," he said in a press release.

According to the DUI and Traffic Safety Task Force, it will continue increased patrols throughout the prom and graduation season and into the summer, which is when these "alcohol parties" move outside.

The Task Force is also working on increased interventions and meetings with parents.