Police: Attempted Queen Anne kidnapping was 'miscommunication'

SEATTLE -- Apparently last Thursday's attempted abduction of two children from an after-school program at Coe Elementary in Queen Anne was just a "miscommunication."

"After investigation of the incident, detectives have determined that an emergency contact was in fact attempting to pick up the children on behalf of their parents," according to a statement from the Seattle Police Department.

On Friday, police reported that a man told a staff member he was there to pick up two children for their father, who was having car trouble. The man knew both children's full names.

The staff member told the man he had to present an ID at the office to sign the children out, but he never arrived at the office. And when the children's father was called, he said he wasn't having car trouble and hadn't sent anyone to pick up his kids.

The Boys & Girls Club of King County, who runs the after-school program, released a statement about child safety and Coe Elementary sent an email alert to parents regarding the abduction that, apparently, wasn't.

According to police, the children were never in any danger and detectives have closed the case.