Police arrest UW student in connection with campus groping cases


SEATTLE -- Police arrested a 19-year old University of Washington student in connection with a series of gropings on campus.

Six women have reported being grabbed or fondled at the Intramural Activities Building, just north of Husky Stadium, since January 31, police said.

The most recent case ended in an arrest after a groping victim cornered the suspect in the building's fourth floor bathroom, said Commander Steve Rittereiser with the University of Washington Police Department. The suspect grabbed the woman on her bottom and then ran into a bathroom around 4:30 p.m. Sunday, but the victim waited outside the restroom until police could arrive.

"It's very good that we've resolved this situation," Rittereiser added. "Of course, it makes people using the IMA facilities much more comfortable."

At least six cases have been tied to the suspect, Rittereiser added. Two more incidents may also be connected to the same man.

The suspect was booked into jail Sunday night on suspicion of assault but posted $1,000 bond, said a spokesman for the King County Prosecutor's Office. A court date has not been set.

"I thought it was weird, pretty creepy," said Angela Makoviney, a UW sophomore. "I definitely wouldn't want that to happen to me or anyone I know."

Police are urging anyone else who may be a victim to come forward.

"It's very unusual to have even a (single) case of this," Rittereiser said. "The good news is that after we told the community of this, it prompted more reports."

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