Police: Annoyed driver pulls gun on woman looking for parking

SEATTLE -- We've probably all been frustrated while following behind a driver looking for a parking spot. But, please note this is not the solution to that frustration.

According to the Seattle Police Department, an annoyed driver pulled a gun on a woman looking for parking near the West Seattle Bridge on Tuesday morning.

The victim was looking for parking while driving south on Harbor Avenue Southwest around 10 a.m. when the driver behind her suddenly pulled around her.

The victim told officers that once the driver was in front of her he started jamming on his brakes in an attempt to cause a collision. She said he continued to do this as they drove south on Harbor Avenue, so she started recording it with her phone.

While the two cars were stopped at the light at Southwest Spokane Street, the driver and his passenger started yelling at the victim to go back to her own country, laughing and calling her names, according to the police report for the incident.

According to the report, when the victim snapped a photo of the passenger, the driver pulled out a gun, pointed it at the victim and then started waving it around. The victim said this caused the driver and his passenger to laugh at her some more.

The other car drove off toward downtown on the West Seattle Bridge, and the victim called 911, meeting officers near Seacrest Park.

She gave officers the video of the car, photo of the passenger and car's license plate number

According to the report, the car is registered to a West Seattle man one of the officers interviewed about a collision the day before. He also recognized the photo of the passenger as the man's girlfriend who had been present during the interview.

Officers told the victim to avoid contact with aggressive drivers in the future for her own safety, and the case was referred to the City Attorney's Office.