Police: alleged abduction ends in fast-food drive-thru escape

MILTON, Wash. -- Police are investigating an alleged kidnapping that ended in a woman jumping in a stranger's car, pleading for help, and speeding off to call authorities.

The 19-year old woman told investigators she was abducted from the Ace Cash Express store, 1537 Auburn Way N., on Tuesday, and then held against her will. She was able to escape Thursday morning when her alleged captor went to a McDonald's drive-thru in Milton, and she jumped out of the car and ran for safety, police said.

The stranger drove to the nearby post office and called 911, said Milton Interim Police Chief Mark Langford.

"(The alleged victim) was very distraught. She had just escaped from her abductor," Langford said. "This is a crime against a person and it's a violent crime and it's the kind of crimes we're most concerned about."

Langford said the victim may have been sexually assaulted. A police source said the victim may have known her abductor and may have met him on Craigslist, although Langford said detectives were still trying to sort out the relationship between the two.

As of Thursday night, investigators were still looking for the alleged abductor, and would only identify him as a 26-year old man with a criminal history.

"Milton is a small community and we do the best we can to have as little or no crime as possible here," added Langford, "but you just never know who could show up or what could happen here."