Plane parts rain down on West Seattle

SEATTLE -- Neighbors in West Seattle's Gatewood neighborhood say first they heard a small plane fly overhead -- and next they heard plane parts ricochet off their roof tops and into their yards.

"It wasn't like a huge banging loud noise," said Pam Mandel. "It was sort of a 'clunk, clunk, clunk.' "

She says small planes flying through is pretty common, but now neighbors are a little freaked out.

After showing the parts to aviation expert Spence Campbell, he thinks they came from a window that fell off the plane mid-flight. He's also convinced the pilot knew.

"You'd have air rushing through the cockpit and the pilot would have to compensate for that to get the airplane down," he says. "There would be no way to ignore it... let's put it that way."

A spokesman for the FAA says, by law, the pilot should have immediately reported the incident, but so far nobody has.

The FAA is now investigating while the National Transportation Safety Board plans to collect the parts Thursday morning.

Neighbors say no homes were damaged, but they're all still shaken up.

"It feels a little hit-and-run to me," Mandel said. "Pointy objects falling from the sky are dangerous. They're not something you want to have happening, so I'm just glad nobody was hurt."