Pint-sized protestors target Northgate speeders

SEATTLE -- It's perhaps the politest protest you'll see on a Seattle street this summer: A group of pint-sized protesters holding signs shouting "thank you" to every car speeding by them on N. 100th Street.

"We try to get cars to not go too fast," said Jack Lapriore.

The speed limit is 25 and some drivers are doubling that.

"It's a nightmare," said Judi Larsen.

So Larsen's daughter spearheaded an idea to have kids, including her grandkids, hold home-made signs along that stretch of road that say "slow down."

Some drivers heed with a smile or wave, while others speed up or... make their point in other ways.

"Sometimes they just don't care and they flip us off," Lapriore said.

Families have seen an increase of traffic since parts of Northgate Way are closed to construction and drivers detour onto side streets.

"Sometimes the cars go fast and I'm about to cross the road but they just go past me and they don't even notice," said 6-year-old Ava Smith.

Parents have called the city and police asking for signs and patrols but say the speeding cars just keep coming... and likely will until construction ends.