Pierce Co. sheriff: Drug house raid finds more than just narcotics

Photo from Pierce County Sheriff's Office

SOUTH HILL, Wash. - A Pierce County SWAT team and special investigators found more than just narcotics when they raided a drug house early Thursday in South Hill.

Armed with a search warrant, the officers found heroin, scales, drug paraphernalia, xanax, oxycodone pills and two ballistic vests at the residence in the 12000 block of 163rd Street Court East.

They also found a handgun that had been reported stolen from a vehicle in Puyallup about 10 days earlier. The house itself was rigged with exterior and interior surveillance cameras, as well as a fortification-style door stop on the main entrance, the Pierce County Sheriff's Office said in a statement.

Eight people were found to be living inside the house, which was stuffed with a jumble of overturned furniture and other clutter, and had visible mold and rotten holes in the ceilings and floors. There was no running water at the house.

It wasn't immediately disclosed whether all eight residents were arrested.

Investigators contacted the 72-year-old property owner, who told them his house has been "taken over by drug addicts for several years and he can't get them to leave."

The raid on the home was part of an ongoing investigation into heroin possession and distribution in Pierce County.

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