Photos of stranger appear on Facebook page of iPhone theft victim

SEATTLE -- A University of Washington student is asking for help after police say someone ripped his iPhone right out of his hands on a Sound Transit bus.

To add insult to injury, a day later someone used it to upload photos to the victim's Facebook account.

"It never occurred to me that someone could steal your phone by like literally taking it out of your hands," said Felipe Romo.

Romo caught the 522 bus on his way home late Tuesday night after attending a concert at the Showbox in SoDo.

"It was a pretty uneventful bus ride up until 61st and NE Bothell Way stop," Romo said.

And that's when the theft happened.

"Guy reaches down, grabs my phone, pulls it out of my hand," Romo said. "He pushes me down, runs (off the bus), I chase after him."

Romo said he chased the thief for about three blocks.

"I thought man maybe I can chase this guy and catch him," he said.

But the thief was just too quick.

"I couldn't find him so I just kind of like gave up," Romo said.

He filed a report with police, hoping for a miracle.

The next morning he got a Facebook message from a friend noting that there was a strange photo on his account.

Romo logged in to find a photo of an unknown man plastered all over his Timeline.

"I was, like, wow!" Romo said.

Police say it appears whoever has the phone now took a picture of himself using an app on Romo's iPhone, and that app uploads pictures directly to Romo's Facebook account.

"There's a lot of different features nowadays with the smartphone and when someone posts a picture like this, somebody knows him," said Deputy Charlie Akers with the King County Sheriff's Office.

Romo says he just wants his phone back.

"So even if this isn't the same guy that I chased down 181st, it's still someone with my phone," Romo said.

Romo asks if you have any information on the man in the picture to please contact police.