Photos: Five Seattle beaches that aren't Alki

The weather may not be ideal today -- but you know the first time it hits 75 degrees again (hint: this weekend), you're going to pack up the sunscreen and head to the beach. But Seattle's most popular waterfront spots can get so crowded (have you tried parking at Golden Gardens on a Saturday?), you might be looking for a new place to lay down your towel.

Don't sweat it; we've scoped out a few lesser-known beaches for your sunning, swimming pleasure.

These neighborhood treasures are spread across the city and have plenty of space for everybody, so it's not like we're blowing up some secret spots. We just wanted you to know that when it comes to beaches, you've got options. Because really, in a city that's surrounded by water, there's no reason to circle for parking when you want to hit the shore.

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