Pet detective: 'Now I'm the one that needs hope'

TACOMA, Wash. - A pet detective who just learned her beloved dog faces a terminal illness is launching a campaign to save the specially trained animal.

And she is determined to overcome the obstacle of finances by enlisting help through a contest.

Pet detective Kat Albrecht previously founded the Missing Pet Partnership organization to help people whose pets have disappeared.

"I specialize in bringing hope to people who have lost a dog or a cat that they can't find because it's missing," she says.

One of her rookie canine pet detectives is Zeke. But Zeke was recently diagnosed with lymphoma - a cancer that will take him in a matter of weeks unless he undergoes a chemotherapy treatment that costs $7,000.

And that is far more than Kat can afford. So now she is the one asking for help.

"Now I'm the one that needs hope," she says.

With treatment, Zeke may have a year - or maybe even two or three years.

"We don't know ... but I want the chance," says Kat.

The former police officer and author has an idea - a contest - to raise the money she needs by offering other animal lovers a chance to name the characters in her new book.

"I think it would be an awesome way to give four winners in this contest to see their name in a book," she says.

The book is a mystery-romance novel about a teenager and her canine pet detective - a story inspired by Zeke.

"And knowing that they helped, helped me the author to give Zeke another year," she says.

She knows some will ask - $7,000 to save a dog?

"We all have our passions, and dogs and cats and finding other people's pets is my passion," says Kat. "I want more time ... I'm not ready to give up."


To make a donation and enter the contest, visit Kat Albrecht's Facebook page >>