'Pack party' for soldiers ships 15,000th care package

REDMOND, WA -- The Skittles, Dots and paperback Dan Brown novel are all great, but Matthew Pruitt just wants the wet naps.

"As far as using those for cleaning your hands, or face or anything else. Those are pretty big," the Army Staff Sargent said.

Pruitt was one of five Rangers from Fort Lewis who drove to the Redmond VFW hall for a special ceremony and "pack party.

They are the brainchild of John Kenney, a World War II veteran who came up with the idea ten years ago.

"In the infantry, you're always at the end of the supply line," he explained.

Kenney has joined together dozens of volunteers who stuff donated goods into postal service flat rate boxes headed for Afghanistan and other Middle Eastern countries.

"The finest group of volunteers you will ever find," Kenney told the crowd.

Kenney's decade of work hit a major milestone Thursday night when the group packed its 15,000th box with razors, tissues and other supplies.

Pruitt was thankful and touched.

"Small items sometimes can make a huge difference," he said.

Kenney said the packages take around one week to get processed through the military and delivered to the soldiers overseas.