Pacific council strikes last-minute deal to save city

PACIFIC, Wash. -- The city of Pacific was set to lose its insurance when 2012 became 2013, but an 11th hour vote by the city council will keep the small town intact.

Months of bickering within the city council, battles with {A href=""}Mayor Cy Sun and a round of firings and resignations made the insurance company wary of sticking around. Eight lawsuits have also been filed -- totaling $11 million -- that could cripple the city.

A Wednesday night vote bought the town some much-needed time.

Council leaders found help with Lexington Insurance to draft a $5 million policy to protect the city from the lawsuits. The insurance will keep Pacific intact for a year, but the council still has work to do to get back the respect of voters.

Many residents put the blame squarely on Sun, who has been a lightning rod for controversy since taking office. Sun has fired city employees and locked out others, and his own police force arrested him for destroying city documents.

"It took one person, our mayor, less than 12 months to almost destroy a city that's 103-years old. That has to be some kind of a record," said Carol Aguilar.

If Wednesday's vote had failed or no company would come through, the council had contingency plans, including a planned vote for disincorporation or become annexed into Auburn. Those moves were tabled indefinitely.