Owner worries PSE upgrades might harm her horses

SEDRO-WOOLLEY, Wash. -- There's a David and Goliath power struggle brewing between a utility giant and a horse owner.

Christine Cameron is worried that Puget Sound Energy's upgrades might harm her horses.

Cameron has a soft spot for horses that nobody else wants.

"Simon is 31 and blind," she said. "Lightning was headed for a glue factory in Canada."

But she says a battle brewing by the barnyard is unnerving and jeopardizing her animals.

Puget Sound Energy is updating poles and wires on her Sedro-Woolley property and there's an easement from 1925 allowing it.

But Cameron says new ruts and more wires in her pasture are threatening her land value and posing obstacles for the animals she promised to protect.

"My horses are gonna get hurt," Cameron said.

Cameron isn't just worried about her horses bumping into these wires, but says if they're coming at them fast they could break their necks.

"They could hurt themselves in a hundred different ways," she says. "And all I wanted was for Puget Sound Energy to pay for me to redo the fences so this would be safe -- nope they don't care."

She says PSE balked at the $30,000 price tag.

The KOMO 4 Problem Solvers pressed PSE for answers. I asked PSE spokesman Richard Thompson if there could a fence in the future - just not a fence that costs $30,000.

"There could be improvements to that fence," Thompson replied. "Certainly a possibility that we could help her do that."

PSE wants Cameron to be a happy customer, and promises the Problem Solvers they'll leave her land in good condition.

"We want to try to help her in any way we can," Thompson said.

Even if that means mending fences.

PSE sent an employee to meet with Cameron Wednesday afternoon at her home. She says she offered to split the price of the fence with the utility but was asked about her backup plan if they can't resolve this matter.