Oregon woman files $5 million suit against Target

PORTLAND, Ore. - Lots of people had their financial information breached at Target stores recently, but a few are actually doing something about it.

A Milwaukie woman filed a lawsuit in federal court in Portland on Friday, contending Target didn't do enough to protect its customers' information.

Lisa Purcell is seeking at least $5 million in damages, claiming the story didn't notify customers of the breach as quickly as it should have.

Will everybody be filing suit soon?

Probably not, if customers at a Target in N.E. Portland are any indication.

"Well, I think that's a little harsh," said Tyson Lint, who says his account information was used to buy expensive perfume in France. "I mean, everybody makes mistakes. C'mon, cut 'em a deal."

Target CEO Gregg W. Steinhafel apologized on Friday, offering a 10 percent discount to all customers this weekend.

"Thank you for having trust in Target because it's a time like this that really defines companies," he said. "And we're a company that cares, and we're really committed to delivering a trustworthy and confident experience at Target."