Ore. woman arrested for prostitution at police station

SALEM, Ore. -- Police in Oregon arrested an alleged prostitute after the Portland woman attempted to ply her trade at the Salem Police Department.

Police say 20-year-old Christal D. Smith showed up at police headquarters on Jan. 11 after speaking online, over the phone and through text message with an undercover officer. Smith allegeldy agreed to come to Salem from Portland to have sex with the man for money.

When she asked where the tryst would take place, the undercover officer directed her to an unmarked door at the police department.

It's unclear if Smith realized the building was police headquarters, but in order to get to the unmarked door she had to walk through a courtyard where the clearly marked public entrance to the Salem Police Department is located. She also walked past a number uniformed officers, according to police.

When Smith reached the unmarked door and tried to meet up with the "John," officers swooped in and arrested her. She was booked into Marion County Jail for prostitution and promoting prostitution. Jail records indicate Smith was released Jan. 14 on her own recognizance.

The arrest happened to take place on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day