Ore. teen gets 11 years in prison for carving swastika on boy

PORTLAND, Ore. - An Oregon teenager who carved a swastika into his ex-friend's forehead during an episode of torture has been sentenced to 11 years in prison.

In a quiet voice, 16-year-old Blue Kalmbach told the victim in a Portland courtroom Thursday that he was sorry for his actions.

"I'm appalled at what I did," Kalmbach said.

He was the last of four teenagers to be sentenced in the case. Police and prosecutors said the teens had spent the evening before the February attack sketching out ideas for torturing the victim.

Investigators said a girl, Jenna Montgomery, acted as bait. Once the pair arrived, a 14-year-old boy and two other teens, Kalmbach and Jess Taylor, attacked him.

Before Kalmbach carved the swastika, they shot the victim in the chest and private parts with a BB gun, hit with him a bat and forced him to eat cat feces.

The victim, Dustyn Murrain, did not address the court and bangs covered his forehead. His mother said the scar has mostly healed, but her son has nightmares.

Kalmbach, Taylor and Montgomery were all charged as adults in the case. The 14-year-old was sentenced to 10 years at a juvenile correctional facility.