Open House showcases KeyArena renovation plans, new analysis compares with SODO plan

The city of Seattle held a special Open House to showcase the two big proposals to renovate KeyArena, Thursday night, May 12, 2107. (Photo: KOMO News)

SEATTLE - The city of Seattle held a special Open House Thursday night to showcase the two big proposals to renovate KeyArena.

One is by Seattle Partners and the other, Oak View Group.

With the latest and greatest technology, Seattle Partners hoped to score big with the public on its proposal for a new Seattle Coliseum.

“We want it to be the latest in technology, the latest in services, the latest in amenities for artists and athletes,” said Bob Newman with AEG, a member of Seattle Partners.

The developer claims the arena will be, “NBA ready, NHL ready, Concert ready.”

Proposal number two, by Oak View Group, is a $564 million renovation plan. It also will be built for music, sports teams, and big crowds.

“Over 9,000 to be seated in the lower bowl,” said Lance Lopes with Oak View Group.

There was a large turnout for Thursday’s Open House held at KEXP in Seattle Center.

“I'm here to see them and compare them,” said Sue Rooney.

“There's some exciting options available, That's why I came tonight to learn more about them,” said J. Paul Blake.

Hours before it started though, Chris Hansen's investment group, which is pushing the Sonics Arena in SODO, released its own analysis.

Hansen said his project is 100 percent privately financed. But, he said both KeyArena proposals require public financing.

Oak View wants to consider public subsidies for a parking garage, saying Thursday that it's a partnership on public land and wants to ask for public support if possible.

However, a Lopes said, “We will fund it ourselves if we have to."

Mayor Ed Murray disputed some of the SODO funding claims Thursday.

“All three of these projects are looking for public money to some extent,” said Murray. “Our job is to do our due diligence, look at the financials side by side.”

Both proposals are now be evaluated by the city's Committee on Civic Arenas will make a recommendation to the Mayor of which proposal to accept, if any.

Murray said he hopes to send it to City Council in early June.

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