Open and Shut: Seattle's restaurant round-up

Ready for the weekend? Of course you are. But before you make dinner plans, check in to see what new hot spots are opening -- and which have closed up shop.


  • Le Petit Cochon: Part of the recent Fremont restaurant explosion, Le Petit Cochon had its soft open earlier this week and should be open for regular business this weekend. Look for a whole lot of pork, as this place claims to serve "nose to tail" pig parts.

  • mkt.: Help welcome Ethan Stowell's latest baby, mkt. (pronounced "market"). mkt. opened this week and will be open this weekend, but you may want to make reservations, because there are only 28 seats in the whole joint.


  • Green Leaf Vietnamese: This ID staple is closed for the forseeable future due to multiple health code violations, including "interference with the health officer," according to King County officials.

  • Bauhaus: A huge blow to lower Capitol Hill, the original Bauhaus will be closing on Sunday to make way for a new condo development. The legendary coffee shop will be opening a second location in Ballard, and has plans to reopen a few blocks away once the development is underway. Bauhaus is having a party to celebrate its 20 year run.

  • Vessel: A year after it opened, this downtown watering hole is no more. "It hurts to pour yourself into something and have it be successful, only to have it taken away beyond your control," reads the bar's Facebook page.

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