On-duty detective allegedly caught with prostitute in bushes has resigned

An Oregon State Police detective who was allegedly caught last month in some bushes with a prostitute while on duty has resigned, a state police spokesman said Friday.

Richard Narvaez, a 50-year-old detective in the tribal gaming division of the OSP office in Salem, submitted his resignation Aug. 31, according to OSP Lt. Gregg Hastings.

Narvaez, a 23-year veteran of the OSP, had been placed on leave without pay immediately following the incident.

Narvaez was caught with a prostitute in a bush off Southeast Johnson Creek Boulevard the afternoon of Aug. 7. He was spotted "engaged in a sex act" with the woman, Clackamas County sheriff's deputies said.

Narvaez was on duty but not in uniform.

The detective was cited and released for patronizing a prostitute and public indecency. The 32-year-old woman, Tiffany D. Smith, was arrested on probation violation warrants and on suspicion of public indecency and prostitution. The case remains open.

In a news release Friday, OSP Superintendent Richard Evans called the incident "troubling."

"This obviously is a rare incident and should no way reflect on our other employees who do things right and don't step outside of our laws and rules of ethics," Evans said in the news release.