Old barn now a memorial for teen killed in weekend wreck

CAMANO ISLAND, Wash. -- An old abandoned barn has become a memorial to a Camano Island teenager who died in a weekend car crash.

Anthony Comstock, 16, was killed and five other teenaged passengers were injured, including one with a fractured back, when their car flipped Sunday afternoon in Stanwood.

The barn has healing power as for years it has been a place to remember those lost. And as tragic as it is for Anthony's family to put his name on the barn wall, it is also therapeutic.

Everyone in town knows what the barn means -- it's where you never want to see your loved one's name. Yet if the unthinkable happens, it is exactly where you want to see Anthony Comstock's name.

"Me and Anthony -- if you ask anyone around you they'd tell you we represent Bromance," said Pepper Kominek, who survived the crash. "He was just always there he had my back through everything."

The barn sits on a busy street near the heart of Stanwood. For 30 years, the old barn has been a wailing wall and a permanent memorial to lost loved ones.

We're a really tight knit community and we care about everyone who is here," one of Anthony's friends said.

By Wednesday's end, the wall will be covered in personal messages to Anthony.

"Neither of us have ever painted the barn for anyone and it sucks that it has to be for Anthony," the friend said.

The messages will include his friends and classmates.

"A hand print and write the first thing he said to me: 'Hey! Four eyes,' because I was wearing glasses," said Salena Sikorski. "He was joking around he didn't mean it."

And a love letter from his mother.

Investigators haven't revealed what caused the fatal crash although they don't think alcohol was involved. Pepper says the driver lost control on a turn.

"Our back tire slide into the dirt, she over-corrected the other way and we just rolled," Pepper said. "Anthony was screaming. I went to grab him and it was just too late."

Pepper says he'll never forget the moment just before the crash.

"I turned around to say I love you and he said ,'I love you too Bro, I had a blast this weekend,' " Pepper said.

They've learned too young how death changes everything. But this barn will remind them that the memory of Anthony Comstock is forever.