Officers search Seattle boarding home after hearing gunfire

KOMO photo.

SEATTLE - Seattle police arrested a man Sunday afternoon after he admitted to firing a weapon out the window of a boarding home.

Officers responded to reports of gunfire at the two-story house just before 12 p.m., Mark Jamieson with the Seattle Police Department said.

“We could overhear the cops saying there's a live shooting, There's a shooting out the window,” said Jonathan Bullard, who lives nearby.

The boarding house is near Carlton Avenue South and South Willow Street in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood.

While on scene, officers heard three gun shots and say they saw the barrel of a rile extending from an open window, Jamieson said.

A man left the house and told officers that he had been shooting a pellet gun.

“We are talking to that one individual who came out and said he admitted to firing a pellet gun,” said Jamieson. “The officers said, it did not sound like a pellet gun or an air rifle. It was actually gun shots.”

Officers tried to question everyone inside the boarding house. A handful of residents came out, but most refused to leave, despite warnings from officers.

Police obtained a warrant to enter the home, searched it and found an air rifle and an air pistol in one of the rooms.

Both weapons were seized as evidence.

Officers found almost a dozen people inside the building they searched.

Some were sleeping. Others just refused to listen to officers orders to come out, according to police.

A man inside the building had an outstanding warrant for his arrest, Jamieson said. Roads near the home were shut down for more than three hours while police were on scene.

A SWAT team also responded. No injuries were reported.

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