Obama supporters targeted with tomatoes in Vancouver

VANCOUVER, Wash. - The Vancouver Police Department is asking people to call 911 if they receive a threatening letter or have tomatoes thrown at their house.

Four times in the past few weeks, people have filed police reports - two incidents of tomatoes and two incidents of letters.

The letters that have been showing up at residences in Vancouver neighborhoods are from an anonymous group that calls itself the "Welcome Wagon." The letters warn people that if they have campaign signs supporting President Barack Obama on their property, they'll be targeted with tomatoes.

"We think there have been many more incidents," said Kim Kapp spokeswoman for Vancouver police. "We need people to let us know when something happens, especially if they see someone in the act."

Kapp said that in each of the incidents the victims reported they had not seen anyone committing the act.

Kapp said that Cpl. Drue Russell, a neighborhood officer in the West Precinct, had sent an email to neighborhood residents about the letters and attacks, urging people to come forward with information.

The attackers could face harassment and malicious mischief charges - both misdemeanors that carry the possibility of one year in prison and a $5,000 fine.