Note tells woman to 'put a bullet' in her face over parking job

SEATTLE -- Apparently, it's not OK to make up parking rules for your block willy-nilly and then tell neighbors to "put a bullet in [their] face" when they proceed to ignore them, as that's the exact behavior that has the Seattle Police Department investigating a suspected "parking vigilante" in Wallingford.

According to police, someone painted unofficial parking lines along a block of Whitman Avenue North near North 41st Street earlier this year.

Last week, a neighbor left her car parked outside those lines for a few days while she was home sick. When she recuperated enough to leave the house, she found the following note/real-life Internet comment on her car (sic throughout):

"Please do everyone a favor on this block, either learn how to park your car like a normal human being or put a bullet in your face you worthless piece of [expletive]. Go [expletive] yourself and have a bad day. Sincerely, everyone."

The victim, who said it wasn't the first such message she's received, gave the note to police and said she suspected a neighborhood man who has previously complained about parking on the block.

Meanwhile, SDOT spokesman Rick Sheridan said it's illegal for residents to modify roads on their own - even if they don't like someone's parking job.

A SDOT worker drove through the area on Friday morning to verify the marks after SDOT got complaints from residents about the graffiti.

"There might be the occasional night when someone parks kind of bad and they mess up two parking spots where two cars can park but for the most part they kind of figure it out," said resident Andreas Chavez.

SDOT is planning to repaint the road in the upcoming weeks. They don't have an estimate on how long the job will take so they don't know the cost, said Sheridan.

Police are investigating the incident and reminding everyone else that this isn't the appropriate way to handle parking disputes (or any kind of disputes, really).