No tall tale: Arizona fisherman nabs Washington record for largest blue shark caught

Zachary Johnson shows off the largest blue shark ever captured in Washington waters (Photo: Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife)

WESTPORT, Wash. -- An Arizona man fishing for albacore tuna off Westport instead snagged a state record for hauling in the largest blue shark ever caught in Washington waters.

Zachary Johnson's catch, nabbed about 57 miles offshore, weighed 27.63 pounds and measured 55.75 inches long, according to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

“We were mainly trying to keep the bait away from the shark,” Jackson told the agency. “The shark bit my friend’s line, then I noticed my line going in the wrong direction and kept thinking he would cut it, but eventually I slowly brought him to the boat.”

The agency says the blue shark was the first to be submitted for a state record in Washington.

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