Nickelsville residents prepare to leave as camp is torn down

SEATTLE -- More than 100 residents of the Nickelsville homeless camp were forced to move out on Sunday, and many still don't know where they're supposed to go.

The residents of Nickelsville were hot, tired and stressed on Sunday as their camp was taken apart piece by piece.

"I'm actually very depressed," said resident Richard Cote. "I'm trying to just gather up the strength and continue to work."

More than 100 people call Nickelsville home, but their village was torn apart after the Seattle City Council voted to relocate the camp.

"We've known we had to move for awhile, so I'm glad that we're finally doing it and getting it so we can get it going on on the other end," said Diane Fillmore.

The residents will now split into three neighborhoods -- Jackson Street in the Central District, the 1400 block of 22nd Avenue and along Martin Luther King Way in Skyway.

"We know where we're going as a community, but seniority and a lot of factors. A lot of factors," said Anthony Jacobs.

For many, the change brings about uncertainty because they still haven't been told were they will sleep Sunday night.

"No matter what happens I can walk with my blankets and find a spot, so I at least have that," Cote said.

During the next three days, the Nickelsville property will be completely cleared out, with most items being loaded onto trucks and moved to the new sites.

"Many hands, many hands," said volunteer Ed Mast. "I'm not that good at anything they need, so I just show up and say, 'What can I lift? What can I carry?'"

Mast came to the camp simply because he cares about the Nickelsville community.

"I think we all should be supporting them," he said. "I wish the city would be supporting them more."