Newcastle residents determined to free deer from ring of wire

NEWCASTLE, Wash. -- A community is on a mission to free a deer from the ring of barbed wire stuck on its neck.

"Looks to me like maybe some kind of chicken wire," said Sgt. Kim Chandler with the state Department of Fish and Wildlife.

No one knows how the deer got the wire stuck on its neck, but several concerned neighbors have called in, asking for help.

"It is not that simple," Chandler said.

The problem is the deer never sticks around long enough for help. By the time officials respond to a report of a sighting, it is long gone.

"It appears he's able to get around. He's able to eat, drink. So it's not a life or death situation at this point," said Chandler.

But that could change.

"It's very sad, particularly because he's growing," said resident Anna Martinez Hueto who spotted the deer. "And although right now, it doesn't look like he has puncture, it will eventually. And it might get infected, and eventually lead to a painful death."

"If that deer does get hung up on something and gets stuck, we need to know about that right away," said Chandler.

Neighbors are holding out hope for a happy ending.

"I'm confident we can get somebody over there that can take this wire off the neck of this guy, and he will live happily ever after," said Hueto.

Anyone who spots the deer is urged not to approach the animal or attempt to remove the wire. Instead, contact the Department of Fish and Wildlife immediately.