New mom just before Mother's Day: 'I watched my car get stolen'

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- Just before she celebrates her first Mother's Day as a mom, someone stole Cassandra Hancuff's car with her baby's stroller inside.

"It's full of baby stuff in there. There's a baby-on-board sticker on the back too, so obviously I have a baby and I need the car. It's the only car I have," Hancuff said. "I kind of feel helpless."

She especially felt helpless when she watched the thief get away. She woke up to her own car's headlights shining through her bedroom window.

"As I looked out, they were backing out and drove off!" she said. "I was shocked. I went out there after they drove off and I couldn't believe it. They just stole it."

She called 9-1-1 and is now hoping someone spots it. It's a 2001 Silver Volkswagen Passat with Washington license plate number 966-YVL.

She's one of three car thefts from the Meadow Wood Apartments in 2014, according to the Clark County Sheriff's Office.

The apartment management posted warning letters around the complex and added extra security patrols at night. Call the sheriff's office if you come across Hancuff's car.

If her car doesn't turn up, she'll have to start saving. She only had liability insurance and doesn't have the money to buy a new car right now.

"Now I can't do anything," she said. "You never think it happens to you, but it does. It's just a shock."