Neighbors: Renton trail infested with drugs, crime

RENTON, Wash. -- A Renton riverfront that's popular with with kids, parents and swimmers during the daytime has a darker side when the sun goes down.

Residents who live near the Lower Cedar River Trail say they've seen too much illegal and unwanted activity in the area, and now they're turning to City Hall to clean things up.

The neighbors say there has been an uptick in littering, drugs and even prostitution in the area.

"About a month ago I woke up to come out and have a cigarette and there was a guy standing outside my window. I think he was getting ready to break into my house," said resident Jake Knightgun.

Neighbors are fed up, and they're asking the city for help. The city's first response was to put up signs telling anyone who sees something illegal to call 911.

"The signs won't do anything, but off and on the police presence gets heavier," said Knightgun.

The city also plans on working with police to install more surveillance cameras, while also finding ways to keep people from sleeping on the benches. Neighbors just want the problem solved.

"(Police) cover this area on bicycles, and whether they need to do it at different times at night - the people that live here need to talk to the mayor about that," said resident Tom Richards.

Renton's mayor and police spokesperson were out of the office Friday afternoon and unavailable to comment on the issue.