'My daughter was murdered and left in the woods to rot'

SEATTLE -- As the murder trial of David Pietz resumed on Monday, relatives and friends took the stand to paint a picture of a cheating husband who slept instead of searching for his missing wife.

"My daughter was murdered and left in the woods to rot," said Gael Schneider, the mother of Nicole Pietz.

Nicole's body turned up in the woods of Burien in 2006. It took nearly 7 years, but prosecutors finally believe they have enough evidence to convict David Pietz for the murder.

Schneider waited many years to confront her son-in-law from the stand. She also described his behavior at Nicole's funeral.

"He put his arms around me and said, 'I didn't think you'd take it so hard,'" she said.

Tony Twitchell worked with Nicole and said she had trouble in her marriage and sex life. He also said Nicole cried at work the day before she disappeared.

"She said, 'I know that David is having an affair,'" Twitchell said.

The next day Nicole was set to attend an AA meeting to celebrate her eight years of sobriety, but she didn't show up. Her sister Tonia said after Nicole went missing, Pietz implied his wife had relapsed on painkillers.

"He pointed to an empty bottle said, 'She must have taken them,' And I said, 'She must have dumped them out,'" Tonia said.

Friends and family say Pietz didn't join in their searches. Years later, Schneider said she tracked Pietz down at his office and made a scene.

"He murdered my daughter," she said. "I have cried my brains out. If he can't take confrontation, he's not much of a man."

The defense team says prosecutors have no eye witness and a weak case.