Music video made by young cancer patients goes viral

SEATTLE -- What started as one person's way to cope with illness at Children's Hospital in Seattle has turned into an Internet sensation.

Just 35 days ago Chris Rumble was a normal kid, playing hockey and making movies. He wasn't feeling well and thought he had mono, but his diagnoses turned out to be much more serious.

The word leukemia hit him hard, just like the body checks he's received in the hockey rink.

Rumble was rushed to the hospital, and the news wasn't good. Doctors told him that 95-percent of his blood was full of leukemia cells.

The hardest part for Rumble was having to tell his mom. His dad, Darren Rumble, is a former professional hockey player and current assistant coach of the Seattle Thunderbirds.

While at at Children's Hospital on the hem-oncology floor, Rumble decided to make his own music video set to the tune of Kelly Clarkson's hit song, "Stronger."

Just like the song, Rumble is himself getting stronger. Doctors have told him he has an immature form of leukemia -- the kind that four rounds of chemotherapy should beat.

The video has already been watched nearly 20,000 times since it was posted on Sunday.

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