Mugging victim: 'Because of my illness, they took advantage of that'

SEATTLE -- Police say a gang of teens mugged a disabled woman for her medicine just moments after she walked out of a medical marijuana club. The victim says the suspects ran off laughing with her victim's walker, but they didn't count on strangers rushing in to the rescue.

Ever since she broke her back and neck, Gloria has dealt with tremendous pain and uses a walker to get just about anywhere. Gloria doesn't want us to use her last name because what happened to her on Tuesday still has her shaking.

"Because of my illness, they took advantage of that," Gloria said.

The 63-year-old had just picked up her prescriptions at a medical marijuana dispensary on Rainier Avenue South and was using her walker to get around a crowded bus stop. That's when police say a trio of teens blind-sided her from behind.

"One grabbed the bag, my Bartell's bag, and the other one grabbed my purse," she said.

Gloria had medical marijuana tied in sacks around the handles of the walker. When the suspects grabbed the bags, they ripped the walker from her hands too.

"I was holding on for a while, that's why I say I was so humiliated," she said.

Police say the teens ran down the street laughing, leaving Gloria stripped of her purse, medicine, and sense of safety. And that's where this story takes an astonishing turn, because just then witnesses decided to jump in. A number of people chased the teens to a nearby park, where they caught up to a 16-year-old and held him until police arrived.

"Seattle's always been a very warm place, and it's good to see that some people are still like that," she said.

Seattle police don't advocate direct action. However, they say these witnesses are a great example of citizens who care about their community, and showed concern for neighbors they don't even know.

"Loving your neighbors," Gloria said. "That's what it's all about."

Seattle police say the search continues for the other two teens.