Mudslide could cost elderly Aberdeen woman her home

ABERDEEN, Wash. -- An Aberdeen woman is fighting to keep her home after a November mudslide made it uninhabitable.

City officials have marked Sharon Stanley's home for demolition, and her insurance agency is refusing pay out her claim. Stanley had to abandon the house November 19 after heavy rains {A href=""}caused a mudslide that sent the house several feet down a hill.

"I don't know what I'm going to do. I hate to just lose everything," she said.

Stanley's doing all she can to keep the house, but news has not been good.

"It's the city's position that the dwelling is beyond repair and will need to be demolished," said city code enforcer Ray Olson.

If it wasn't bad enough that her house is unlivable, Stanley said looters came in and stole many of her possessions, including a prized 50-year-old record collection.

"Johnny Cash, Johnny Rivers, Tina Turner, the whole thing was full," she said.

It seems the only good news in the whole ordeal is that Stanley found her two cats, who were briefly trapped inside the house. While she loves having her cats back, Stanley is dealing with a host of other problems. She recently found out that her insurance company -- Farmers -- denied her claim on the house.

Officials from the company say the slide was caused by rain, and Stanley's coverage has a "heavy rain" exclusion. They also said Stanley's policy excluded coverage caused by the ground moving.

"Everything was excluded because of the earth movement, and it's just ridiculous," Stanley said.

The city says the house will be demolished unless Stanley can come up with the money to fix it.

"Well, I can't afford to fix it," Stanley said. "I don't know what I'm going to do. I hate to just lose everything."

The 75-year old has been diagnosed with skin cancer and was recently forced to retire from driving a transit bus. Now she has to go through her belongings to see what she can salvage from the home and what will be lost.

For now, Stanley is renting a place in Ocean Shores.