Motorcyclist drowns after falling off log into Voight Creek

ORTING, Wash. -- A man in his 20s has drowned after falling off his motorcycle into Voight Creek Friday afternoon.

The man was trying to ride a dirt bike across a log about 20 feet above the creek when he fell into the water, said Det. Ed Troyer with the Pierce County Sheriff's Department.

Troyer said friends pulled him out and began performing CPR but were unable to get response.

The initial 911 call for help was dropped due to spotty cell service in the forested area, so dispatchers from FireComm began tracking the phone.

"FireComm had to ping their cell phone to locate them," Orting Valley Firefighter Jake Weigley said in a Friday news release.

Once they pinpointed his location, firefighters had to hike roughly a quarter of a mile through brush to reach him.

Medics arrived on the scene and pronounced the man dead.

His name has not yet been released.