Mother outraged that her child's rapist is about to go free

KENT, Wash. - It happened 24 years ago. A despicable crime that left a 3-year-old girl brain-damaged, partially blind and paralyzed, and emotionally traumatized.

Now the man convicted of raping the child is scheduled to be released from prison and assigned to a halfway house in Tacoma.

"It's mind-boggling that they would let this guy out," said the child's mother, Kelly McGinnis. "He's a monster and he needs to be locked up."

Cory E. Roberts was 13 years old in 1990 when McGinnis hired him to babysit. She had seen an ad in the paper.

She's convinced he is still a threat to the community.

"I'm afraid that he's going to hurt somebody else. He's been in prison for 24 years, and I was told he's refused treatment for 24 years," said McGinnis."People don't change. I mean people who rape and beat a 3-year-old little girl almost to death."

McGinnis says her daughter survived her terrible injuries and has managed to surprise doctors over the years.

Now 27 years old, the daughter has recovered partial sight and has learned to walk. She has a great sense of humor and has been a leader in her special education college courses.

Yet the brain damage she sustained left her with the mental capacity of a 10year old.

"She's my inspiration. She's an amazing, amazing young woman. I don't know how she does it sometimes," McGinnis said.

McGinnis does not blame prosecutors or the judge for Roberts' release. She does question our justice and corrections system for concluding this man has paid his debt to society.

And while McGinnis feels confident she can now protect her own child, she is concerned about what may happen to others.

"When he gets out and all those little kids are around," she said. "I'm so fearful. And I'm going to be devastated if it happens again."

McGinnis says a protective order against Roberts will go into effect tomorrow. She'll meet with his parole officers and other officials later next week to learn more about the conditions of his release and how his whereabouts and behavior will be monitored.