Mother haunted by phone call: 'I heard my son being killed'

SEATTLE -- A mother is now haunted by a phone call with her son in where she heard the gun shots that took his life.

Antoinette Cisneros was on the phone with her son Santiago when a shootout started with police at a Portland parking garage.

"I was there," she said. "I heard my son being killed."

Last Monday, two police officers in northeast Portland said they came upon 32-year-old Santiago Cisneros, who was armed with a shotgun, on the top of a parking garage.

His mom says he sounded calm on the line, but didn't make sense.

"He said to me, 'Mom, they're forcing me to go higher. They're forcing me to go higher,' " Antoinette Cisneros said.

Investigators say Santiago Cisneros got out of his car with a shotgun and fired on officers. His mom could still hear him talking on the open phone line.

"And he said, 'Mom, forgive me. I love you. I love you mom. Forgive me.' I said, 'Hago. Hago I love you.' "

Officers returned fire and Cisneros was hit. He died later at a hospital.

KOMO News interviewed Cisneros in 2009. The Army combat veteran talked about his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and attempting suicide.

A family member says an officer involved in the shooting also has trouble in her background. Surveillance video shows officer Michele Boer off-duty at a Portland restaurant in 2010, moments before her arrest for assault. Ultimately, a grand jury declined to indict her.

"I have no hate," Antoinette Cisneros said. "I'm here because of the love for my son."

Santiago Cisneros apparently spent his final days outside Portland city hall at a homeless protest, where he'd begun to give away his belongings. His mother says he simply loved humanity.

"But my son died, his last words: 'I love you mom, k?' "

The two Portland officers are on standard, paid leave while the shooting is investigated. Antoinette Cisneros asks that people not judge her son before that investigation is complete.