Missing couple with dementia found in Ballard

SEATTLE - A missing couple with dementia who vanished after a family argument in Everett has been found in Ballard.

Family members had been frantic with worry after the two elderly dementia patients left in a car - both have health issues and no one had seen them for two days.

With no clues to help them, their family spent Sunday driving around aimlessly, looking for any possible evidence that might show where the couple went.

Then, at about 6 p.m. Sunday, they turned up in Ballard, asking for directions from a passer-by.

The two, 85-year-old father James O'Neal and his dear friend, 92-year-old Florence Fisher, were at a Denny's restaurant Friday in Everett when an argument between family members erupted.

The elderly couple took off, and family members spent all day Sunday looking for them and contacting the media.

"We're just trying to think as if he had dementia and in his shoes," says the missing man's daughter, Billie Wilson. "He has the first stages of dementia, and the lady that he's with has severe dementia, and so they both get very confused," says Billie.

James and Florence left Centralia on Friday for their daily drive. Instead of staying near town as usual, they took a road trip - well over 100 miles - intent on visiting family in Everett.

But after arriving in Everett, James ran a red light and got into a minor accident. He was confused and a police officer advised him not to drive. His son came to drive them home, but instead they argued. And at 11:30 Friday night, James and Florence got into their car and left.

There was no way to track the couple. They have no cell phones. They don't use credit cards. And Florence has no identification.

The family was overjoyed when they heard that the couple had made their way to Ballard.

James reportedly had shortness of breath and both of them were taken for a check-up at a local hospital for a check-up, where family members plan to meet them.