'Military mistress' charged with theft in Pierce County Court

TACOMA, Wash. -- Newly released from an Alabama prison, a woman dubbed the "military mistress" was in Pierce County court on Wednesday to face theft charges.

Pierce County prosecutors say 37-year-old Bobbi Ann Finley has been married 14 times and drained the bank accounts of numerous military men in at least 14 states.

"Ms. Finley has been a prolific and remorseless con artist," said Prosecutor Mark Lindquist, "but now the jig is up."

In May 2009, investigators say Finley met a local man and told him she was a Marine who had just returned from Iraq. She said she couldn't find a bank to cash her out-of-state checks and convinced the man to cash the checks and give her the money, prosecutors say.

"When she was long gone they'd find out those checks were no good and were on closed accounts or accounts with no money that she created," said Pierce County sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer.

When the checks were returned, the man called police to report the crime.

Prosecutors filed charges and issued a warrant for Finley in that case, but she skipped town before the trial began.

It didn't take long for Finley to get back on law enforcement radar, and in February of 2011 she was sentenced in Alabama to three years in prison for felony theft by deception.

After serving that sentence, Finley was extradited back to Pierce County to face her earlier theft charge.

"The reach of what this lady's done to so many people is unfathomable," Troyer said.

Finley's currently being held in Pierce County jail on $200,000 bail.