Michelle Obama in Seattle for fundraiser

SEATTLE -- First lady Michelle Obama will be in Seattle Tuesday night to raise money for her husband's re-election bid, but only those willing to spend big bucks will get a chance to meet her.

Michelle Obama is a big draw, and people are willing to spend freely to see her. On Friday night, only those who paid $500-$1,000 for a fundraising dinner will get a chance to meet her.

It's all about money, and ever since former President Bill Clinton realized the Puget Sound was a gold mine, Democrat politicians have been flocking here.

"Since then we have been a very good and profitable state for fundraisers," said political analyst Ron Dotzauer.

The numbers back him up, too. President Obama has raised nearly $9.4 million and Mitt Romney has pulled in almost $3.6 million in Washington. While the candidates are happy to raise the money in Washington, they aren't spending it here.

"You know, I think the campaigns are raising money in 50 states and spending it in about eight," said Washington Democrats chairman Dwight Pelz.

Unless you're ready to spend big money, the most you'll likely see during any of these fundraising stops is a motorcade. And the city pays all the costs of those motorcades.

"You know what, if people are going to raise money, that's the way politics works and that's going to happen," said Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn.

Some of the money raised at Tuesday's event will go to the Democratic party, but most will be for the reelection campaign.

Not to be outdone, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is coming to Washington to raise money for gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna.