Men get into Valentine's Day fight in gym sauna

SEATTLE -- Like a less violent -- hopefully less naked -- version of Viggo Mortensen's infamous fight scene in "Eastern Promises," two men got into a fight over some apparently unwanted career advice inside a Seattle gym's sauna on Valentine's Day.

According to the Seattle Police Department's report for the incident, the victim was in the sauna of the 24 Hour Fitness in the 1800 block of Yale Avenue shortly after 11:30 a.m. when he heard the suspect telling a friend he had been out of work and needed a job.

When the suspect's friend left, the victim tried to strike up a conversation with the suspect, telling him he worked at the airport and it might be a good place for him to look for employment.

According to the report, the suspect immediately became hostile, inscrutably telling the victim he was "not roleplaying" and "did not need to be recording conversations."

That led to the two men getting into an argument and yelling at each other. At some point, the argument had moved out of the sauna, and the victim went back in to try to get away from the suspect.

According to the report, the suspect followed the victim back into the sauna and hit him with a glass water bottle before punching him several times in the head.

After the victim escaped and went to look for help, the suspect quickly got dressed and left the gym despite the staff's attempts to stop him, according to the report.

Gym employees told officers the suspect is a current member, but they didn't have his name and information available. They also said they were unable to access surveillance footage at the time.

Officers told staff to call 911 if the suspect returned.

According to the report, the victim suffered several bumps on his head and an apparently swollen nose in the attack.