Memo: Bellevue police chief 'appalled' by officers' behavior

BELLEVUE, Wash. -- Bellevue's police chief is not happy with the September incident at CenturyLink Field involving two of her own officers.

KOMO News has obtained memos from Bellevue Police Chief Linda Pillo to Officers Dion Robertson and Andre Hanke.

The memos state the two men went to the Seahawks game on Sept. 16 as a part of a group that included other officers and a city employee.

The group met at Robertson's house and began drinking before Hanke drove to the game, the memo said. The group tailgated, kept drinking and became "very intoxicated," according to the document.

As they walked to the stadium, a Seattle police officer spotted a woman in the group littering, and asked her to pick up her trash.

The woman did, but Hanke took offense and aggressively asked the Seattle officer, "You're going to make my wife pick that up? You're going to pick out a cop's wife? I'm a Bellevue police officer," Pillo wrote.

Robertson swore at the Seattle officer, prompting the Seattle officer to call for backup.

Inside CenturyLink Field, a fan, sitting with his young son, called security after Robertson and Hanke repeatedly shouted profanities. The group was escorted out, and the littering woman told that fan to "be careful driving in Bellevue," the memo said.

Eventually the group went home in a car driven by an intoxicated Hanke, according to the document.

Robertson later admitted to the chief he was "blacked out" for most of the events and said, "if somebody said I did it, then I'm sure I probably did."

Pillo said both men apologized and pledged to correct their behavior, the memo said, but she told both of them, "I am appalled and very disappointed by your actions that day. Your obnoxious drunken behavior brought disrepute not only to you, but the entire Bellevue Police Department."

Robertson was demoted from corporal to officer, and removed from a leadership position on the bomb squad.

Hanke was kicked off the bomb squad and suspended without pay for 160 hours, which is about four weeks.