Meet Seattle's newest crime-fighting tool: Sheep

SEATTLE -- A Seattle neighborhood is unleashing their latest weapon in their fight against crime: sheep.

Doug Theil, President of the Cowen Park Neighborhood Association, says there's been a recent up-tick in criminal activity in the park.

He says drifters often camp-out in the park, and at the same time, several homes have been broken into.

The problem is police officers on patrol have a difficult time seeing down into the park because of overgrowth. So, the neighborhood got together with police and Seattle Parks and came up with the idea of hiring sheep.

The Icelandic sheep live on Vashon Island, but travel around Puget Sound; hired to chew, eat and clear anything from out of control blackberry bushes to ivy, holly, weeds, grass and much more.

It will take them three days to clear the park's hillside. They're surrounded by an electric fence to keep them safe inside, and the fence is spiked to the ground to keep predators, like dogs, outside.

Theil hopes the sheep do the trick and so do police. He hopes more neighborhoods do the same for their own safety.