McGinn appoints new police commission

SEATTLE (AP) - Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn has named the 15 members of a new commission to help guide changes at the police department in response to a Justice Department investigation.

The DOJ determined that Seattle police engaged in a pattern or practice of excessively using force, especially in low-level situations that might have been resolved verbally. In a settlement, the city agreed to create a community policing commission to help support reforms and promote community confidence in the police department.

The chairs of the commission are Lisa Daugarrd, the deputy director of The Defender Association, a public-defense agency in King County, and Diane Narasaki, executive director of the Asian Counseling & Referral Service.

Other members include Seattle Police Capt. Joseph Kessler, state ACLU deputy director Jennifer Shaw, and the Rev. Aaron Williams, senior pastor at Mount Zion Baptist Church.