Mayoral recall effort picks up steam in city of Pacific

PACIFIC, Wash. -- Fed up with what they see as a litany of offenses, on Thursday a group of Pacific residents filed an official complaint to recall Mayor Cy Sun.

The small town has made big headlines this year, and it's all thanks to the growing tension between city workers, residents and the mayor.

Since taking office in January, Sun has been a lightning rod for controversy. He was arrested by his own police force in July when he tried to enter the city clerk's office. The arrest capped months of long-simmering tensions between Sun, members of the city council and Sun's opponents who accuse him of abusing power in the small town on the King-Pierce county line.

Prior to the arrest, Sun has locked the city clerk out of her office, fired three heads of department and caused two more to quit. In response, the city council took a vote of no confidence against Sun.

On Thursday, Donald Thomson, who chairs the Committee to Recall Cy Sun, signed the complaint to initiate the recall of the mayor.

For his part, Sun was unfazed by the move.

"It's a free country," he said. "They can do anything they want."

Thomson's committee prepared a 200-page book documenting Sun's alleged wrongdoing.

"He won't follow procedures. He won't follow the law. He's stripped the city of all of our management," Thomson said.

If he's concerned about the documents, Sun wasn't showing it on Thursday.

"200 pages?" he said. "Maybe they should go to 500 pages."

Sun said some people in the city just don't understand that he's trying to make Pacific a better place and make sure it's prepared for a future economic downturn.

"It's a real threat that's facing us right now," he said.

But those working hard to recall him claim he's made things in the city far worse. They say he tried to influence a criminal investigation, and Sun even admits he destroyed public records.

"Our city's 100 years old, it's worth saving," Thomson said. "We have to save it."

A judge will ultimately decide if the complaint can move forward. If so, the committee will have to collect the required number of signatures to move it to a special election.