Mayan calendar figured in Longview murder

KELSO, Wash. (AP) - A Longview man who fatally shot his uncle in 2012 because he was upset over his mother's death and obsessed with the "Mayan prophecy" the world would end has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

Testimony was set to resume Tuesday in the trial of Scott Wesley Humphreys when he surprised the court with a guilty plea. Cowlitz County prosecutors are recommending a 16-year prison term on Feb. 20 when the 49-year-old is sentenced.

The Daily News reports Humphreys' lawyer said in opening arguments that he shot 62-year-old David "Lonny" Peterson during drunken rage on Dec. 21, 2012, because he felt his uncle had insulted his mother's memory.

Humphreys hadn't slept because he was waiting to see if the world would end as some predicted from the ancient Mayan calendar.