Maximum sentence for man who crashed while high, pantsless

SEATTLE -- A man who crashed after driving fast, pantsless, and high on meth with his young daughters in the backseat made a tearful apology in court Friday as a judge handed down his sentence.

"I'd like to apologize to my family and my two daughters," Jonathan Harty told the court Friday. "I don't have any excuse for what I've done. There's no excuse for it. I've made a life-altering decision for a lot of people by my selfish actions."

In April, Jonathan Harty drove 100 mph down I-5 between Boeing Field and Southcenter Mall, crashing into three vehicles.

When civilians and officers arrived on the scene, they found Harty, sweating heavily and obviously high, wearing a blouse, prosthetic breasts and no pants, according to the charging documents. There was reportedly a nearly full bottle of urine and a pair of panties on the floor by his feet.

Harty's daughters, ages 6 and 4, were rescued from the backseat by a civilian on the scene, according to the documents. Harty had reportedly told them he was taking them to the Dollar Store to get toys.

In court Friday, the victims expressed their outrage at Harty's actions.

"It makes me sick to my stomach to know Emily and her half-sister were exposed to such inappropriate behavior, and what you put them through," said Amy Harty, the victim's mom.

And it was Paul Cooper who carried his granddaughter out of the hospital after the crash.

"Jon, your actions that night came not from a father but from a cowardly monster," Cooper said. "You put drugs above your daughters."

Emily and her half-sister suffered bruising on their necks from the crashes.

"(Emily's half-sister) clutched me so tight it seemed like she couldn't get close enough to me," Cooper said. "And Emily pressed against me and said, 'Grandpa, I don't have to go back to my daddy's anymore do I?' Your honor, at that point I broke down and cried."

Family members say the young girl still has nightmares and is afraid to go anywhere alone -- even her own bedroom.

At the end of the hearing, Judge Ken Schubert gave Harty the maximum sentence of 29 months in jail and he will lose his license for seven years. It's now Harty's third conviction for DUI.

Schubert said he wished he could revoke Harty's license for an even longer period of time.

"I hope that the fact that your daughters were at-risk and could have been killed in this incident is going to finally be the thing that wakes you up," Schubert said.