Massive doll collection on its way to the 'big house'

SEATTLE -- A Seattle woman has spent three years trying to find a suitable home for her colossal collection of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, and now the collection is headed to the strangest of places.

Kathy Jackson first contacted KOMO News {A href=""}in 2009 to ask for help finding a home for her ample doll collection.

Her house and her rooms were overrun with redheads, and it had just become too much.

"They're up and down and all over and everywhere," she said.

And it's not just dolls, either. She has Raggedy Ann rings, watches, pinatas, pillows and plagues.

"Not just the curtains and kids clothes, the knickk nacks and wall plaques," she said.

But the collection is just taking up too much space, and Jackson is now boxing up all 6,000 items and shipping them off to the big house.

Yes, the dolls are going to prison. Or, more accurately, they're going to a former prison in Deer Lodge Montana.

"So they're on a life sentence to Deer Lodge, Montana," Jackson said.

The old prison now houses museums instead of inmates, and the curator of what's now called Yesterday's Playthings has agreed to take the collection.

"We're astounded by the quality and size," he said.

It will likely take Jackson until the museum's June grand opening to get all the dolls ready and say her goodbyes.

"The babies need a forever home and this is what I wanted before I pass away," she said.

Jackson knows it will be a sad day when she finally lets go of the dolls, but she said it's like watching her children grow up and leave the house.

Jackson said some people were interested in the dolls before the prison, but she's sending them to the museum because it will keep the entire collection together. She said she plans on visiting her old friends from time to time.