Mars Hill pastor let go after criticizing church leader

SEATTLE - One of nine Mars Hill pastors asking for controversial church leader Mark Driscoll to step down has been let go.

Members of the Mars Hill community say the Portland pastor was let go just days after signing a letter with nine other pastors that questioned Driscoll's leadership, and expressed issues with transparency within the church.

Driscoll announced he would be taking an "extended focus break" from the church on August 24. The announcement came two days after 21 former Mars Hill pastors filed an 11-page complaint to the executive elders at Mars Hill alleging Driscoll's abusive and intimidating behavior toward church leaders, staff and members.

The letters and actions taken by current and former pastors are appreciated by supporters of the church, who've also called for change.

"It's like the stubborn horse that won't go into the trailer, and at some point is going to have to just yield," church member Rob Smith said.

Driscoll, along with Mars Hill church leaders, could not be reached for comment.