Marilyn McKenna shows her 'brash, uncensored' personality

SEATTLE -- When Rob McKenna ran for governor of Washington, voters got to know his supportive and rather sedate wife. But now that the election is over, Marilyn McKenna is letting her unfiltered personality shine through.

Marilyn McKenna doesn't mince words.

"I'm a little raw, brash, uncensored," she said. "That's okay. That's who I am."

That raw and uncensored personality really comes through on McKenna's Twitter account. She said she doesn't say anything that people aren't already thinking, but McKenna isn't afraid to speak her mind about politicians or cities she doesn't like.

"Life's too short to worry about every little thing to come out of your mouth," she said.

McKenna said she was just learning how to use Twitter during her husband's campaign, and she admits to being more reserved in those early days. But the floodgates eventually opened up, and McKenna is now engrossed in social media. These days, she's a master of Facebook and often tweets as many as 20 times per day.

While she admits to being disappointed with the way the election turned out, Mrs. McKenna has found a silver lining in the loss.

"I don't have to hear people criticize (my husband) all day long," she said. "As hard as it looks, it's harder to listen to that than you might think."

Rob McKenna is also on Twitter, but his messages are definitely less edgy.

"That's who he is -- that polished professional person, and I'm not. I'm kind of the loose cannon," she said.

Now that the election's over, McKenna said she's going to write a book about weight loss and use Twitter to market her material. And if he husband decides to run for office again, she'll be sure to Tweet about it.

"Oh, you can count on it," she said.

McKenna said her husband is joining a private law firm but continues to stay involved in the state Republican party.