Marijuana thieves bring new meaning to term ''pot hole''

SEATTLE -- Police say thieves didn't bother with locked doors or windows, and instead cut their way through a wall to rip-off a medical marijuana facility in Georgetown.

From the street, people would likely never know the facility on East Marginal Way South is a medical marijuana garden. It's been operating legally and under the radar at the location for the past three years, but trouble came knocking Wednesday morning.

"There was an alarm going off. The building had been broken into. Somebody had tunneled through the side of the building," said Kurt Boehl, an attorney who represents Kokuna Services, which he says is a licensed collective garden, not a dispensary.

Seattle police say the hole thieves cut was sizeable.

"It was about six feet," said Det. Patrick Michaud. "It was a big hole. It took them some time to make this hole."

When officers arrived, they secured the area, then started looking for evidence.

"There was pot like all over the floor, and on the ground outside the building," Michaud said.

The attorney refused to speculate on whether the thieves had any connection or prior contact with the facility.

"It's not uncommon for this neighborhood. There have been break-ins in almost every single one of the warehouses here," Boehl said.

Detectives are now reviewing security footage for clues, and have other evidence besides.

"They were able to lift fingerprints off some of the tables and surrounding areas where the pot was taken from, as well as other pieces of evidence that we can't get into," Michaud said.

Police say as much as $50,000 worth of medical marijuana was stolen. The attorney says the loss is much greater than just the dollar value.

"What my clients were trying to do was to help sick people, and essentially that cannabis was going to sick people, and now they don't have it," Boehl said.